4127A102 Fuel Pipe /Return Valve For Perkins 1100 genine original engine parts

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  • cellphone/whatsApp/weChat: +86 18098158360

    HY Power Equipment Limited has been providing a wide and completed range of products and services especially for Perkins,CAT(Caterpillar),FG Wilson,Cummins,Volvo,Mitsubishi,Detuz,.JCB,etc. In order to provide a quick response to our customers, we have stocked over 10 Million spare parts in our Chinese warehouse. Provide us engine module and build list, we can supply all the genuine/original parts your need.

    cellphone/whatsApp/weChat: +86 18098158360


    whatsApp: +86 18098158360

    weChat: +86 18098158360

    engine parts, generator accessories and parts, construction machinery parts

    diesel engine parts, gas engine parts, marine/boating engine parts

    Our Engine parts as follows:

    1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
    2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
    3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
    4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
    5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
    6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
    7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on

    Perkins engines are widely used in:
    Generator set (for example: FG Wilson generator set)
    Construction Machinery (for example: JCB mini excavator, Ingersoll Rand Bobcat mini excavator, Vogele paver, Wittmann paver of United States, Terex backhoe)
    Forklift (Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich, TAILIFT)
    Agricultural machinery (such as: tractor, combine harvester)
    Other industrial equipment (such as: Genie (GENIE) hydraulic aerial cage, JLG hydraulic aerial cage)

    below we also provide,

    4121A009 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A023 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A025 PIPE,AIR
    4121A026 PIPE,AIR
    4121A029 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A034 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A035 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A036 PIPE,AIR
    4121A038 PIPE,AIR
    4121A039 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A042 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A043 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A046 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A047 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A049 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A051 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A052 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A055 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A057 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A058 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121A062 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A063 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121A064 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121A065 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121A067 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121A068 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A069 LEAK-OFF PIPE
    4121A071 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A077 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A078 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A079 PIPE,FUEL
    4121A082 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4121C006 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C007 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C017 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C021 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C025 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C026 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C027 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C031 FUEL PIPE
    4121C034 PIPE,AIR
    4121C036 PIPE,AIR
    4121C038 PIPE,AIR
    4121C048 PIPE,AIR
    4121C057 PIPE,AIR
    4121C311 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C312 PIPE,FUEL
    4121C315 FUEL PIPE
    4121C316 PIPE,AIR
    4121C321 PIPE,AIR
    4121C323 PIPE,AIR
    4121E004 PIPE,FUEL
    4121E007 PIPE,FUEL
    4121E011 PIPE,FUEL
    4121E016 PIPE,AIR
    4121E024 PIPE,AIR
    4121E027 PIPE,AIR
    4121K014 FUEL PIPE
    4121K017 PIPE,FUEL
    4121K019 PIPE,FUEL
    4121K025 PIPE,FUEL
    4121K041 PIPE
    4121K042 PIPE,FUEL
    4121K043 PIPE,FUEL
    4121K047 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M004 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M011 FUEL PIPE
    4121M012 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M015 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M016 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M017 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M024 PIPE,FUEL
    4121M028 PIPE,FUEL
    4121P007 FUEL PIPE
    4121P008 FUEL PIPE
    4121T002 PIPE,FUEL
    4121T003 PIPE,FUEL
    4121T006 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A008 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A012 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A015 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A019 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A021 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A023 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A026 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A036 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A037 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A038 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A039 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A041 PIPE
    4122A044 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A045 PIPE
    4122A046 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A047 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A048 PIPE
    4122A049 PIPE
    4122A051 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A052 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A053 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A055 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A057 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A061 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A063 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A071 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A082 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4122A083 PIPE,FUEL
    4122A084 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4122C014 FUEL PIPE
    4122C022 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C023 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C031 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C032 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C033 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C034 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C038 PIPE,AIR
    4122C048 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C059 PIPE,FUEL
    4122C061 PIPE,FUEL
    4122E038 PIPE,FUEL
    4122E042 PIPE,FUEL
    4122E043 PIPE,FUEL
    4122E051 PIPE,FUEL
    4122E056 PIPE,FUEL
    4122H007 FUEL PIPE
    4122M003 FUEL PIPE
    4122M012 PIPE
    4122M014 PIPE,FUEL
    4122M017 PIPE,FUEL
    4122M019 PIPE
    4122M023 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P005 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P009 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P012 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P016 PIPE
    4122P019 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P020 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P024 PIPE,FUEL
    4122P026 PIPE,FUEL
    4122T004 FUEL PIPE
    4122T006 PIPE,FUEL
    4122T008 PIPE
    4122T009 PIPE,FUEL
    4122X004 PIPE,FUEL
    4122X005 PIPE,FUEL
    4122X006 PIPE
    41222127 PIPE,FUEL
    41222709 PIPE,FUEL
    41222727 PIPE,FUEL
    41222732 PIPE,FUEL
    41222742 PIPE,FUEL
    41223112 PIPE,FUEL
    41223506 PIPE,FUEL
    41223859 PIPE,FUEL
    41224303 PIPE,FUEL
    41228044 PIPE,FUEL
    4123C002 PIPE,OIL
    4123C003 PIPE,OIL
    4123C006 PIPE,OIL
    4123E004 PIPE,OIL
    4123E009 PIPE,OIL
    4123T003 PIPE,OIL
    4123T008 PIPE,OIL
    4123T014 PIPE,OIL
    4123T015 PIPE,OIL
    4123T016 PIPE,OIL
    4123V003 PIPE,AIR
    4123V007 PIPE,OIL
    41234323 FUEL PIPE
    4124A005 PIPE
    4124A006 PIPE
    4124A011 PIPE,AIR
    4124A022 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A026 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A028 PIPE,OIL
    4124A029 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A037 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A038 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A042 FUEL PIPE
    4124A043 FUEL PIPE
    4124A048 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A051 PIPE,AIR
    4124A064 PIPE,AIR
    4124A083 PIPE,AIR
    4124A087 PIPE,AIR
    4124A091 PIPE,AIR
    4124A092 PIPE,AIR
    4124A095 PIPE,AIR
    4124A097 PIPE,AIR
    4124A102 PIPE
    4124A106 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A108 PIPE,AIR
    4124A109 PIPE
    4124A113 PIPE,AIR
    4124A114 PIPE,AIR
    4124A115 PIPE,AIR
    4124A121 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A122 PIPE,AIR
    4124A128 PIPE
    4124A131 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A143 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4124A145 PIPE,OIL
    4124A147 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A156 PIPE
    4124A157 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A159 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A161 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A162 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A164 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A166 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A169 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A171 FUEL PIPE
    4124A172 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A173 PIPE,FUEL
    4124A178 PIPE,AIR
    4124A181 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A191 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A192 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A193 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A195 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A197 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A198 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A199 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A202 PIPE,AIR
    4124A204 PIPE,AIR
    4124A206 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A208 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A212 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124A213 PIPE,AIR
    4124A218 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4124C005 FUEL PIPE
    4124C018 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C027 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C033 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C041 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C042 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C045 PIPE,AIR
    4124C047 PIPE,FUEL
    4124C057 PIPE,AIR
    4124C059 PIPE,AIR
    4124C074 PIPE,AIR
    4124C075 PIPE,AIR
    4124C076 PIPE,AIR
    4124E006 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E014 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E021 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E022 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E023 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E025 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E029 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E033 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E036 FUEL PIPE
    4124E037 PIPE,AIR
    4124E041 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E042 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E046 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E051 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E052 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E053 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E058 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E059 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E076 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E078 FUEL PIPE
    4124E083 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E084 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E085 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E091 PIPE
    4124E094 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E095 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E101 FUEL PIPE
    4124E105 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E112 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E127 PIPE
    4124E132 PIPE,AIR
    4124E151 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E157 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E166 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E171 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E173 PIPE
    4124E176 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E177 PIPE
    4124E189 PIPE,FUEL
    4124E196 PIPE,FUEL
    4124P006 PIPE,FUEL
    4124P016 PIPE
    4124T011 PIPE,FUEL
    4124T013 FUEL PIPE
    4124T015 PIPE,FUEL
    4124V005 PIPE,FUEL
    41242057 ELBOW
    4125A006 TUBE
    4125A008 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A011 TUBE
    4125A016 TUBE
    4125A017 PIPE,OIL
    4125A023 PIPE,OIL
    4125A033 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A034 PIPE,WATER
    4125A035 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A036 TUBE
    4125A038 PIPE,OIL
    4125A044 PIPE,OIL
    4125A045 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A047 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A051 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A052 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A053 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A055 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A056 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A057 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A058 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A062 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A064 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A065 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A066 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A067 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A069 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A071 TUBE ASSY
    4125A073 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A074 TUBE ASSY
    4125A075 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A077 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A078 TURBO DRAIN PIP
    4125A082 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A083 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A084 TUBE ASSY
    4125A085 PIPE,AIR
    4125A086 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A087 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4125A089 LEAK-OFF PIPE
    4125A091 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A092 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A093 PIPE,FUEL
    4125A096 LEAK-OFF PIPE
    4125C005 PIPE,FUEL
    4125C006 PIPE,FUEL
    4125P002 PIPE,FUEL
    4125T005 PIPE,FUEL
    4125T011 PIPE
    4125T012 PIPE,FUEL
    4125T016 PIPE,FUEL
    4125T017 PIPE,FUEL
    4125V005 FUEL PIPE
    4125V007 FUEL PIPE
    4125V012 PIPE,FUEL
    4125V013 PIPE
    4125V014 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A006 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A016 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A017 PIPE,AIR
    4126A023 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A024 PIPE,AIR
    4126A043 PIPE,AIR
    4126A044 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4126A045 PIPE,AIR
    4126A047 PIPE,AIR
    4126A053 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A057 PIPE
    4126A059 PIPE,WATER
    4126A063 TUBE ASSY
    4126A065 PIPE,WATER
    4126A066 PIPE,WATER
    4126A069 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A071 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A073 FUEL PIPE
    4126A076 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A077 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A078 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A081 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A082 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A083 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A084 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A085 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A088 PIPE,FUEL
    4126A091 PIPE,OIL
    4126A092 PIPE,OIL
    4126A094 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A095 TUBE ASSY
    4126A096 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A098 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A102 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126A103 DIPSTICK TUBE
    4126E019 PIPE,OIL
    4126E026 PIPE COOLANT
    4126E037 PIPE,OIL
    4126E046 PIPE,OIL
    4126E049 PIPE COOLANT
    4126E057 PIPE,OIL
    4126E059 PIPE,OIL
    4126E064 PIPE,WATER
    4126E071 PIPE,AIR
    4126E091 PIPE,WATER
    4126E092 PIPE,WATER
    4126K056 PIPE,OIL
    4126K076 PIPE,OIL
    4126K081 PIPE,AIR
    4126K088 PIPE,FUEL
    4126K095 PIPE,OIL
    4126K099 PIPE,OIL
    4126K105 PIPE,OIL
    4126K116 PIPE,OIL
    4126K119 PIPE,WATER
    4126K126 PIPE,WATER
    4126K136 PIPE,WATER
    4126K145 PIPE,AIR
    4126K149 PIPE,WATER
    4126K169 PIPE,WATER
    4126K174 PIPE,WATER
    4126P092 PIPE COOLANT
    4126P103 PIPE,FUEL
    4126P118 PIPE,OIL
    4126P121 PIPE,FUEL
    4126P132 FUEL PIPE
    4126P139 PIPE,FUEL
    4126P154 PIPE
    4126P155 PIPE,WATER
    4126X021 PIPE,OIL
    4126X045 PIPE,OIL
    4126X046 PIPE,FUEL
    4126X048 PIPE,OIL
    4126X058 PIPE,OIL
    4126X059 PIPE,OIL
    4126X085 TUBE
    4126X086 TUBE
    4126X087 TUBE
    4126X088 TUBE
    4126X089 TUBE
    4126X091 TUBE
    4126X098 PIPE,OIL
    4126X101 TUBE ASSY
    4126X102 PIPE,OIL
    4126X103 PIPE,OIL
    4126X105 PIPE,OIL
    4126X106 PIPE,OIL
    4126X107 PIPE,OIL
    4126X109 TUBE ASSY
    4126X114 PIPE,FUEL
    4126X116 PIPE,OIL
    4126X121 PIPE,OIL
    4126X126 TUBE
    4126X127 TUBE
    4126X133 PIPE,OIL
    4126X134 PIPE,OIL
    4126X135 PIPE,OIL
    4126X136 TUBE
    4126X138 TUBE
    4126X141 TUBE
    4126X804 PIPE,OIL
    41262008 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A018 PIPE,OIL
    4127A022 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A027 PIPE,AIR
    4127A028 PIPE,OIL
    4127A029 PIPE,OIL
    4127A033 PIPE,OIL
    4127A037 PIPE,OIL
    4127A041 PIPE,OIL
    4127A044 PIPE,OIL
    4127A046 PIPE,OIL
    4127A047 PIPE,OIL
    4127A049 JET
    4127A053 PIPE,AIR
    4127A054 PIPE,AIR
    4127A055 PIPE,AIR
    4127A077 PIPE,OIL
    4127A079 TURBO DRAIN PIP
    4127A081 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A084 BREATHER PIPE
    4127A095 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A097 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A098 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A101 FUEL PIPE
    4127A102 FUEL PIPE
    4127A103 FUEL PIPE
    4127A111 TURBO DRAIN PIP
    4127A112 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A114 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A117 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A119 FUEL PIPE
    4127A122 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A123 PIPE,AIR
    4127A125 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A132 PIPE,AIR
    4127A135 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A141 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A147 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A148 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A153 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A154 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A155 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A156 BOOST CNTRL PIP
    4127A159 TURBO DRAIN PIP
    4127A162 PIPE,FUEL
    4127A168 TURBO DRAIN PIP
    4127A176 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A179 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A181 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A182 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4127A183 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4128A022 BANJO BOLT
    4128A023 BANJO BOLT
    4128A027 PIPE,OIL
    4128A028 PIPE,OIL
    4128A029 PIPE,OIL
    4128A031 PIPE,OIL
    4128A032 PIPE,OIL
    4128A033 TURBO FEED PIPE
    4128A034 FIP RETURN PIPE
    4128A051 PIPE,OIL
    4128C003 PIPE,FUEL

    We supply original/genuine parts for Caterpillar main models.

    Caterpillar Excavator:307 312C 312D 320B 320C 320D 323D 324D 324E 325B 325C 325D 329D 329E 330C 330D 336D 336E 345B 345C 345D 349D 349E 365C 385C 390D etc.
    Caterpillar Bulldozer :D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10T D11 etc.
    Caterpillar Loading machine:936 950 960 966 970 972 980 988 990 994 etc.
    Caterpillar Heavy duty truck:769 770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 797 etc.
    Caterpillar Engine:3066 3116 3126 3306 3406 3408 3412 3508 3512 3516 3606 3608 3612 C4.4 C6.4 C6.6 C7 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C15 C18 C27 C32 C175 C280
    Caterpillar Gas engine:G3304 G3612 G3408C G3606 G399 G3616 G3608 G3606B G353D G333C G3408 G3408B G342C G379 G379A G398 G343 G3304B G3512B G3306B

    Our company Provide genuine/original FG Wilson diesel generator set spare parts
    for the common models:
    P9.5-4,P13.5-6,P18-6,P22-6,P33-3,P50-3, , P55-3,P65-5,P88-3,P110-3,P150-5,P165-
    5,P200-3, , P220-3,P250-3,P275-3, P450-3,P330-3, P400-3, P450-3,P500-3,P550-3,P605-
    3,P450-3,P2250E,P2250-1E,P2500-1E,P27,P30E ,P40,P44E ,P40,P44E1 ,P45,P44E1,P45P,P50E,P45P1,P50E1,P60,P65E,P60P1,P65E1,P70,P77E,P75P1,P83E1,P90,P100E, P100,P110E,P135,P150E,160H,P188HE ,P200H ,P230H, P250H,P300,P330E ,P350,P380E , P380,P425E ,P450 , P500,P550E,P550,P605E ,P563,P625E, P600 , P650,P850 , P852 P910,P1000 ,P1250,
    P1275,P1400E, P1350,P1650E ,P1700 ,P1750 ,PP1825,P2000, P330P3 ,P450E1,P450P1, P700E

  • Specification
    • Brand Name Perkins/CAT Caterpillar/FG Wilson
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    4127A102 Fuel Pipe /Return Valve For Perkins 1100 genine original engine parts
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