Perkins Motor Oil CH CI 15W-40

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  • cellphone/whatsApp/weChat: +86 18098158360

    below we also provide,

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    T400246 HOSE            
    T400247 AIR PIPE        
    T400248 O RING          
    T400249 PLUG            
    T400250 SUCTION PIPE    
    T400251 PLUG            
    T400258 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400259 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400260 ALTERNATOR      
    T400261 ALTERNATOR      
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    T400304 STARTER MOTOR   
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    T400305R EXCH STARTER    
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    T400320 COMPRESSOR      
    T400321 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400322 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400324 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400326 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400330 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400353 BONNET          
    T400354 SEAL            
    T400355 CAMSHAFT        
    T400357 CLIP            
    T400358 O RING          
    T400359 SEAL            
    T400363 PLUG            
    T400364 SCREW           
    T400365 BRACKET         
    T400366 SPACER          
    T400367 TURBOCHARGER    
    T400368 O RING          
    T400371 THERM. HOUSING  
    T400373 TURBO DRAIN PIP 
    T400374 HOUSING ASSY    
    T400375 COVER ASSEMBLY  
    T400376 SCREW           
    T400377 FILTER          
    T400378 CAP             
    T400379 CONNECTION      
    T400380 CONNECTION      
    T400381 CONNECTION      
    T400382 CONNECTION      
    T400383 PROTECTION KIT  
    T400385 CONNECTION      
    T400386 HOSE            
    T400387 HOSE            
    T400388 HOSE CLIP       
    T400390 CONNECTORS      
    T400391 CONNECTORS      
    T400392 LIFT PUMP       
    T400394 FILTER          
    T400395 VALVE COVER     
    T400396 SEAL            
    T400397 BOLT METRIC     
    T400398 DRAIN PLUG      
    T400400 HOSE            
    T400403 NUT             
    T400405 PISTON RING     
    T400406 PISTON RING     
    T400408 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400409 HOSE            
    T400412 KIT, PISTON RIN 
    T400413 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400414 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400415 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400416 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400417 TANK            
    T400418 STARTER MOTOR   
    T400419 OIL FILTER      
    T400420 OIL FILTER      
    T400421 TANK            
    T400422 ADAPTOR ASSY    
    T400424 SCREEN          
    T400427 PLUG            
    T400428 PLUG            
    T400429 PLUG            
    T400431 SPACER FAN      
    T400432 FAN             
    T400435 PISTON KIT      
    T400436 PISTON KIT      
    T400437 ELBOW           
    T400438 ELBOW           
    T400439 PIPE            
    T400440 WATER PIPE      
    T400441 CHARGE AIR PIPE 
    T400442 CHARGE AIR PIPE 
    T400443 CHARGE AIR PIPE 
    T400444 BANDCLAMP       
    T400445 HOSE            
    T400446 FUEL COOLER     
    T400447 BELT GUARD      
    T400448 FAN GUARD       
    T400449 DPF ASSY        
    T400449R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400450 TOOL            
    T400451 EXHAUST ELBOW   
    T400452 SEAL            
    T400453 RADIATOR CAP    
    T400454 WIRING HARNESS  
    T400455 SHORT ENGINE    
    T400456 SPACER          
    T400457R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400458 INLET           
    T400459 INLET           
    T400460 INLET           
    T400461 INLET           
    T400462 INLET           
    T400463 INLET           
    T400464 INLET           
    T400465 INLET           
    T400466 INLET           
    T400467 OUTLET          
    T400468 OUTLET          
    T400469 OUTLET          
    T400470 OUTLET          
    T400471 OUTLET          
    T400472 OUTLET          
    T400473 SEGMENT         
    T400474 DPF ASSY        
    T400474R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400475R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400476R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400477 MOUNTING        
    T400478 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400479 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400480 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400481 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400482 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400483 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400484R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400485R EXCH, DPF ASSY  
    T400487 WASHER          
    T400488 BANJO BOLT      
    T400492 PISTON RING     
    T400494 PISTON RING     
    T400496 COUPLING        
    T400498 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400499 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400504 GLOW PLUG       
    T400506 RADIATOR ASSY.  
    T400510 RADIATOR ASSY.  
    T400511 STAY ARM        
    T400512 STAY ARM        
    T400513 RADIATOR ASSY.  
    T400516 HOSE CLIP       
    T400517 CRANKSHAFT      
    T400519 BEARING KIT     
    T400520 THRUST WASHER   
    T400521 OIL FILTER      
    T400522 INSERT/ELEMENT  
    T400523 GASKET KIT      
    T400524 KIT, BEARING    
    T400527 CONTROL BOX     
    T400529 PULLEY,CRANK    
    T400531 PULLEY,CRANK    
    T400532 CLAMP WASHER    
    T400533 BOLT            
    T400534 ADAPTOR         
    T400535 SEAL WASHER     
    T400536 HOSE ASSY       
    T400538 FAN PULLEY      
    T400539 BOLT            
    T400540 BRACKET         
    T400541 FLYWHEEL ASSY.  
    T400542 PLUG            
    T400544 O RING          
    T400545 PLUG            
    T400547 TIMING GEAR CAS 
    T400549 BEARING BALL    
    T400550 BRACKET         
    T400551 RING            
    T400552 IDLER PULLEY    
    T400554 SPACER PLATE    
    T400555 SCREW           
    T400557 BRACKET ASSY.   
    T400558 BEARING CUP     
    T400559 SPACER          
    T400560 FAN DRIVE PULLE 
    T400561 PLATE           
    T400562 SEAL            
    T400563 WASHER- HARD    
    T400564 PIN             
    T400565 BOLT            
    T400566 BEARING CONE    
    T400567 SEAL            
    T400569 SEAL            
    T400570 SEAL            
    T400571 PLUG            
    T400577 COVER           
    T400578 GASKET          
    T400579 BREATHER        
    T400580 WASHER          
    T400581 BOLT METRIC     
    T400584 NUT             
    T400585 PAD             
    T400586 FOLLOWER        
    T400587 LEVER           
    T400588 BOLT            
    T400589 VALVE SPRING    
    T400590 ROCKER ARM ASSY 
    T400591 ROCKER ARM      
    T400593 CYL.HEAD COVER  
    T400594 SPACER          
    T400595 CYL.HEAD COVER  
    T400596 COVER           
    T400598 SEAL            
    T400599 FAN ADAPTOR     
    T400600 FRONT COVER     
    T400602 WASHER          
    T400603 STUD            
    T400604 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400605 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400607 O RING          
    T400608 GASKET          
    T400609 OUTLET ELBOW    
    T400610 OIL STRAINER    
    T400612 SUMP            
    T400613 PLUG            
    T400614 OIL FILTER HEAD 
    T400615 STUD            
    T400616 SPRING          
    T400617 STUD            
    T400619 ADAPTOR         
    T400620 ELBOW JOINT     
    T400621 VALVE ASSEMBLY  
    T400622 GASKET          
    T400623 SUPPORT         
    T400624 DIPSTICK TUBE   
    T400625 NUT             
    T400626 DIPSTICK        
    T400627 GASKET          
    T400628 OIL COOLER      
    T400630 GASKET          
    T400632 WASHER- HARD    
    T400633 SAMPLING VALVE  
    T400635 GASKET          
    T400636 WATER HOSE      
    T400637 ADAPTOR         
    T400638 CLAMP HOSE      
    T400640 AIR DUCT        
    T400641 PLUG            
    T400642 STUD            
    T400644 PLUG            
    T400645 SPACER          
    T400646 ADAPTOR         
    T400647 HOSE ASSY       
    T400650 HOSE ASSY       
    T400652 BRACKET         
    T400653 BOLT            
    T400654 HOSE ASSY       
    T400655 TEEPIECE        
    T400656 REGULATOR       
    T400657 CAP             
    T400658 BRACKET         
    T400659 BRACKET         
    T400660 GROMMET         
    T400662 BOLT            
    T400663 FILTER HEAD     
    T400664 STUD            
    T400667 PLUG            
    T400668 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400669 KIT,PISTON/RING 
    T400670 NUT             
    T400672 BOLT            
    T400673 BOLT            
    T400674 SLEEVE          
    T400676 ALTERN BRACKET  
    T400678 ROD             
    T400679 BLOCK           
    T400680 SPACER          
    T400681 SLEEVE          
    T400683 FILTER HEAD     
    T400684 O RING          
    T400689 ADAPTOR         
    T400690 WIRING HARNESS  
    T400691 RECEPTACLE      
    T400692 ADAPTOR         
    T400693 ADAPTOR         
    T400694 PLUG            
    T400695 O RING          
    T400697 WASHER          
    T400698 BOLT            
    T400699 WASHER          
    T400700 BOLT            
    T400701 HARNESS ASSY    
    T400705 HARNESS ASSY    
    T400708 CLIP            
    T400709 CLIP            
    T400710 BOLT            
    T400711 ADJUSTER        
    T400712 SPACER          
    T400713 SPACER          
    T400714 STUD            
    T400716 BOLT            
    T400717 HEATSHIELD      
    T400718 HEATSHIELD      
    T400720 BOLT            
    T400721 CLIP            
    T400722 EARTH STRAP     
    T400723 WASHER- HARD    
    T400724 WASHER- HARD    
    T400726 INJECTOR        
    T400726P EXCH INJECTOR   
    T400726R EXCH INJECTOR   
    T400728 ADAPTOR         
    T400729 INJECTION PIPE  
    T400733 O RING          
    T400734 ADAPTOR         
    T400735 HEATER          
    T400737 HEATER          
    T400739 HEATER          
    T400740 TANK            
    T400741 CYL HEAD ASSY   
    T400742 VALVE GUIDE     
    T400743 VALVE GUIDE     
    T400746 RETAINER        
    T400747 RETAINER        
    T400748 VALVE SEAT      
    T400749 VALVE SEAT      
    T400750 VALVE SPRING    
    T400751 VALVE SPRING    
    T400752 VALVE SPRING    
    T400753 VALVE STEM SEAL 
    T400755 INSERT          
    T400756 SLEEVE          
    T400757 INSERT          
    T400758 O RING          
    T400759 O RING          
    T400761 VALVE SPRING    
    T400762 O RING          
    T400763 PLUG            
    T400764 HEAD GASKET     
    T400767 CYL HEAD BOLT   
    T400769 BUSH            
    T400772 JET             
    T400773 BIG END BEARING 
    T400774 SKIRT           
    T400775 CROWN           
    T400776 PISTON RING     
    T400777 PISTON RING     
    T400778 PISTON RING     
    T400779 BRIDGE VALVE    
    T400780 BRIDGE VALVE    
    T400782 STAND           
    T400783 STAND           
    T400784 ROCKER ARM ASSY 
    T400786 ROCKER ARM ASSY 
    T400788 ROCKER SHAFT    
    T400790 STAND           
    T400791 PUSHROD         
    T400792 LIFTER          
    T400798 THRUST PLATE    
    T400800 CAMSHAFT ASSY.  
    T400801 GEAR,CAMSHAFT   
    T400803 WATER PUMP ASSY 
    T400804 SEAL            
    T400805 IMPELLER        
    T400806 PLUG            
    T400808 HUB             
    T400809 SHAFT           
    T400810 HOUSING COVER   
    T400812 GASKET          
    T400813 O RING          
    T400814 O RING          
    T400816 GASKET          
    T400819 STUD            
    T400820 OIL DRAIN PIPE  
    T400821 OIL DRAIN PIPE  
    T400822 ADAPTOR         
    T400823 CLAMP HOSE      
    T400824 OIL FEED PIPE   
    T400828 HOSE            
    T400829 GASKET          
    T400837 CLAMP           
    T400839 ELBOW           
    T400841 THRUST PLATE    
    T400843 IDLER GEAR      
    T400844 BEARING IDLER   
    T400846 IDLER SHAFT     
    T400847 OIL PUMP        
    T400848 PIPE KIT        
    T400849 OIL FEED PIPE   
    T400850 OIL DRAIN PIPE  
    T400851 OIL FEED PIPE   
    T400852 OIL FEED PIPE   
    T400854 BOLT            
    T400856 MANIFOLD        
    T400857 O RING          
    T400858 ADAPTOR         
    T400860 O RING          
    T400862 OIL DRAIN PIPE  
    T400863 ADAPTOR         
    T400867 BRACKET         
    T400868 OIL FEED PIPE   
    T400869 BOLT            
    T400872 FUEL HOSE       
    T400873 HOSE            
    T400874 FUEL RAIL       
    T400875 FUEL PIPE       
    T400876 BRACKET ASSY.   
    T400878 CYL BLOCK ASSY  
    T400881 FITTING         
    T400882 SPEED SENSOR    
    T400883 SENSOR          
    T400884 SENSOR          
    T400885 ADAPTOR         
    T400886 ADAPTOR         
    T400888 CYL BLOCK ASSY  
    T400892 WIRING HARNESS  
    T400893 HARNESS         
    T400894 PLUG            
    T400896 SLEEVE          
    T400897 CLAMP HOSE      
    T400898 SEAL WASHER     
    T400899 SLEEVE          
    T400900 SLEEVE          
    T400901 SLEEVE          
    T400902 SEAL            


  • Specification
  • cellphone/whatsApp/weChat: +86 18098158360

    HY Power Equipment Limited has been providing a wide and completed range of products and services especially for Perkins,CAT(Caterpillar),FG Wilson,Cummins,Volvo,Mitsubishi,Detuz,.JCB,etc. In order to provide a quick response to our customers, we have stocked over 10 Million spare parts in our Chinese warehouse. Provide us engine module and build list, we can supply all the genuine/original parts your need.

    cellphone/whatsApp/weChat: +86 18098158360

    whatsApp: +86 18098158360

    weChat: +86 18098158360

    engine parts, generator accessories and parts, construction machinery parts

    diesel engine parts, gas engine parts, marine/boating engine parts

    Our Engine parts as follows:

    1, commonly used consumables and accessories: all kinds of filters, coolant, belt, repair kit (cylinder mattress, oil pan gasket and other full oil seals, gaskets, sealing components).
    2, all kinds of tiles: connecting rod, spindle, cam, thrust;
    3, cylinder head and all parts: basin head, rocker arm, valve, valve tube, seat ring, valve spring, valve tappet;
    4, each part of the middle cylinder: cylinder, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner (four matching).
    5. Cooling system: fan, cooler, cooling nozzle, pump, oil pump, water tank and air box.
    6, fuel system: high pressure oil pump, injector;
    7, others: flywheel and gear ring, cam and shaft, charger, starter motor, supercharger, hand pump, connecting pipe fittings, inductor, electronic module, bolt nut, blockage head and so on


    Perkins engines are widely used in:
    Generator set (for example: FG Wilson generator set)
    Construction Machinery (for example: JCB mini excavator, Ingersoll Rand Bobcat mini excavator, Vogele paver, Wittmann paver of United States, Terex backhoe)
    Forklift (Linde, Hyster, Jungheinrich, TAILIFT)
    Agricultural machinery (such as: tractor, combine harvester)
    Other industrial equipment (such as: Genie (GENIE) hydraulic aerial cage, JLG hydraulic aerial cage)

    We supply original/genuine parts for Caterpillar main models.

    Caterpillar Excavator:307 312C 312D 320B 320C 320D 323D 324D 324E 325B 325C 325D 329D 329E 330C 330D 336D 336E 345B 345C 345D 349D 349E 365C 385C 390D etc.
    Caterpillar Bulldozer :D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10T D11 etc.
    Caterpillar Loading machine:936 950 960 966 970 972 980 988 990 994 etc.
    Caterpillar Heavy duty truck:769 770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 797 etc.
    Caterpillar Engine:3066 3116 3126 3306 3406 3408 3412 3508 3512 3516 3606 3608 3612 C4.4 C6.4 C6.6 C7 C9 C10 C11 C12 C13 C15 C18 C27 C32 C175 C280
    Caterpillar Gas engine:G3304 G3612 G3408C G3606 G399 G3616 G3608 G3606B G353D G333C G3408 G3408B G342C G379 G379A G398 G343 G3304B G3512B G3306B


    Our company Provide genuine/original FG Wilson diesel generator set spare parts 
    for the common models:
    P9.5-4,P13.5-6,P18-6,P22-6,P33-3,P50-3, , P55-3,P65-5,P88-3,P110-3,P150-5,P165-
    5,P200-3, , P220-3,P250-3,P275-3, P450-3,P330-3, P400-3, P450-3,P500-3,P550-3,P605-
    3,P450-3,P2250E,P2250-1E,P2500-1E,P27,P30E ,P40,P44E ,P40,P44E1 ,P45,P44E1,P45P,P50E,P45P1,P50E1,P60,P65E,P60P1,P65E1,P70,P77E,P75P1,P83E1,P90,P100E, P100,P110E,P135,P150E,160H,P188HE ,P200H ,P230H, P250H,P300,P330E ,P350,P380E , P380,P425E ,P450 , P500,P550E,P550,P605E ,P563,P625E, P600 , P650,P850 , P852 P910,P1000 ,P1250, 
    P1275,P1400E, P1350,P1650E ,P1700 ,P1750 ,PP1825,P2000, P330P3 ,P450E1,P450P1, P700E

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    Perkins Motor Oil CH CI 15W-40
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